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2-Pallet Refrigerated Truck Sale | Mid-Year 2020

Mid-year is always one of the most beneficial times to purchase a new vehicle for personal or business use. However this year, 2020, tops the record for advantageous business purchases as the Instant Asset Write Off stimulus package has now been extended until the 31st of December 2020. Scully RSV is offering huge discounts for our 2-pallet mid-year refrigerated truck sale to encourage businesses to make the most of IAWO.

Mid-Year 2-Pallet Refrigerated Truck Sale


We’re slashing prices on all of our 2-pallet refrigerated trucks! Why? Because these trucks benefit the majority of our customers.

1. A 2-pallet truck can be driven with a C Class licence.

There are no additional licensing requirements needed to operate a 2-pallet truck. They can be driven on a C Class (car) licence. This means you wouldn’t be required to hire additional staff or upskill current staff to get them on the road.

2. A 2-pallet truck allows more payload.

A vehicle’s payload capacity is the amount of weight the vehicle can carry, including cargo and passengers. The lightweight design of our 2-pallet trucks allows heavier items to be transported in a smaller vehicle. This greatly contributes to cost efficiency and can help boost cash-flow.

3. A 2-pallet truck allows for easy handloading.

Multi-drops can be handled with ease, with quick handloading in and out of the truck. A simple loading and unloading process reduces costly downtime and also provides maximum ease for the driver. Being small, they are also fairly easy to maneuver.


Scully RSV’s 2-Pallet Refrigerated Truck

The following 2-pallet refrigerated truck features the latest model Scully RSV Premium Fibreglass Body (water repellent and rot-resistant), a carrier refrigeration unit adjustable from -20 to +20 degrees, and comes available in automatic and manual transmissions. See for yourself Why Scully RSV’s Are the Premium Choice For Food Transport Vehicles.

2-3 Tonne 2 Pallet Refrigerated Truck (Standard Height Truck)

Mid-Year Offer

  • EOFY-refrigerated-truck-sale-standard-heightScully RSV 2P Premium Fiberglass Refrigerated Vehicle
  • 2019 Hino 616 IFS Short Wheel Base IFS Automatic
  • 2 Pallet Refrigerated Body (Single Side Door, Rear Barn Doors)
  • Carrier Citimax 400 Refrigerated Unit – Without Stand-By 12/24V (Complimentary First Service FREE)
  • Price based on pick up from Brisbane site

*Price quoted is based on collection of completed vehicle from our Brisbane Depot*
*On road costs may vary from state to state*
*Limited time only*
*While stocks last*

$68,995 Driveaway (Save $6000!)

Can’t pick up? No worries! We can deliver any truck to your door with our partner Truckmoves (fees apply).

The IAWO & Mid-Year Compound Discount

The Instant Asset Write-Off allows businesses to claim immediate deductions for new or second-hand equipment asset purchases.

With the new extension order in place, you now have until December to take advantage of the $150,000 Instant Asset Write Off (IAWO), which was introduced earlier this year as part of the government’s COVID19 stimulus package. This means that your business can claim an immediate deduction of up to $150,000 when purchasing a Scully vehicle before December 31! This is a huge increase from the usual $30,000.

The threshold also applies on a per asset basis, so eligible businesses can immediately write-off multiple assets.

This, being compounded with our mid-year discount on 2-pallet trucks, affords our customers with undeniable financial benefits. Now is the time to grow your business with Scully RSV’s mid-year and IAWO compounded refrigerated truck sale!

New or Second Hand?


Our mid-year sale includes all new and second hand 2-pallet refrigerated trucks, as does the IAWO. This gives you the flexibility needed to decide which truck is the right investment for your business.

A new refrigerated vehicle comes with great longevity benefits such as a low odometer, high resale value and improved reliability. However, a used refrigerated vehicle can also provide great benefits in terms of its affordability and comes with complete service history to ensure you get the highest quality used refrigerated truck.

Why Scully RSV?


Our refrigerated trucks are handcrafted and constructed on-site at Archerfield. We use only premium quality materials to ensure premium thermal efficiency and unmatched quality control. Our goal is to ensure your cargo is protected and transported, risk-free!

Contact Scully RSV to Enquire About our Mid-Year 2-Pallet Refrigerated Truck Sale

To find out more about this limited-time compound offer, visit us in Archerfield or Lansvale, or contact us via our website.

New Vehicle
Refrigerated Van
Refrigerated Van
C-Class License
Electric Standby
+20 to -18 degrees
Single side & Rear barn